Tuesday, January 25, 2011

let's run

i just read through all 12 pages of comments. wow. kind of horrible. i've been told to ignore it all but some things were taken so far out of context, i feel like i should make a few things clear:

1. while i agree that i shoudn't have acted so immature in regards to not getting what i had requested, it was intended as a joke. i am VERY new to blogging (in fact, that post was only my third, hence the title "my third ever blog post. EVER!") and did not realize so many strangers were reading it and broadcasting it. i get it now. thank you.

2. i do not consider myself elite. i wanted to run a race at sea level (i live in denver) to get an ot qualifying time and heard good things about this marathon. i saw that to receive an elite entry into the race, one needed to have run a 2:56 or faster, which i had, so i applied. the application asked that i include "requests for accomodation, race entry fee, coverage, etc" http://www.bmovanmarathon.ca/registration/elite_athletes.php and after asking around i was told to ask for as much as possible as they would likely want to bargain down. flights were between $500 and $1500 so i took the middle of the road. the host hotel was extremely expensive but since i've never been to vancouver and don't know my way around the city, i thought it would be a good idea to stay in the closest one possible. the race entry fee of $150 was also included in my request. absolutely none was for an "appearance fee". and absolutely none was for a "vacation on someone else's dime". i've heard amazing things about vancouver and was excited to explore after the race but most certainly did not expect to use any of their money for it.

3. i can't drive to canada. i have an older saab that's at the point in it's life where it's needing a lot of repairs and it's costing a ton of money. it's not exactly in road trip shape right now.

4. the denver marathon times have been officially changed three times. at first it was 2:56:04, then it was 2:54:25, and most recently it was changed to 2:55:05.

5. i have never posted on let's run, and most likely never will.

of course everyone's still entitled to their opinions but i hope that clears at least a few things up. i invite anyone who has something to say to do so right hear.


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  2. Tone is a tricky thing to get down on the Internet, and no matter what you say, someone is going to take it as proof you're a terrible person. Best of luck with your running, and if you're going to blog, remember the old rhyme that starts with "sticks and stones. . ."

  3. This post is a great response to the comments on letsrun.com and I think it shows class and character. I have enjoyed reading your blog entries and I hope you continue to post. Congratulations on your finish at the Yeti Chase.

  4. fyi, this is constructive criticism (CC is NOT inherently negative, btw...) so take it for what it's worth.

    "after asking around i was told to ask for as much as possible"

    If i give you the benefit of doubt, perhaps this is the largest stumbling block right now...bad advice, very bad. Let me preface with the fact that i'm all for you chasing your dreams and I think it appears that you could potentially run in the 2:3x's within a couple/few years....that said, I give you this example for how to approach a race... I recently flew to a race (no travel money), won, made $750....and all but begged them to give me a homestay instead of 2 nights hotel b/c I knew it was a small race w/ a small budget. then I stayed for almost 3hrs after the race breaking down 45lb tables, packing chairs, and lugging various boxes out to club vehicles. Actions and attitudes like this will not get you that $2K figure...but it'll sure get you invited back with open arms, and hey, if you run well, you'll certainly more than cover your travel expenses. good luck kid, work hard and consider a policy of asking for, in order, Entry, Lodging (be it homestay, hotel, motel), and finally, Travel (reimbursement). Don't ever ask for money up front unless you've worn a US jersey, been top 3 @ a US champs or made an olympic team. I've one of the previous to my credit and I'm perfectly happy with a couch to crash on and/or an agreement that they do what they can to cover my flight IF i place top 3 or meet a pre-agreed upon time standard. remember, there are lots of 245 gals/220 guys who are lucky to get a hotel, let alone a few bucks for airfare.
    all the best kid, go get em.

  5. the only reason i asked for money is because the application very clearly SAID to

  6. The only reason you're getting the negative response is because, when your application was turned down, you complained about it. Publicly. Here's another bit of CC for you: own your words. Stop complaining about people "taking your words out of context". Everything that has been said about you is based on your own words, in context, from your own blog. Being new to blogging isn't a reason, either, it's an excuse. You posted a whiny, entitlement-minded entry on your public blog, and then did everything in your power to deny your own words and thoughts. I would suggest owning up to the fact that, even as a 28 year-old woman, there is a part of you that has a lot of growing up to do. An apology would do wonders.

    As far as the running, you appear to have a lot of talent. With several more years of training and racing, I can see you surpassing the OTM A standard. Best of luck!

  7. martin, first and foremost thank you for posting here and owning YOUR words.

    can i ask if you happened to read that whole post or any others? i disagree that everything said has been based on my words in context in part because there's a full 7 pages of comments after those were deleted so there's no way anyone late to the party could have read them in context. i think a lot of people who DID read the full post missed the sarcasm. all of the previous posts were bratty and obnoxious but that tone was really and truly meant as a joke. i'm not in any way denying that i said anything, i'm just saying i wasn't being particularly serious. but i can clearly see how that could be read as something very different than what i intended. do you really believe that i was complaining? do you know me at all? do you assume to know the intent behind a strangers words on the internet? please know that i'm just asking honest questions and hoping for an honest dialogue.

    being new to blogging (which is kind of sucking, by the way) is neither a reason nor and excuse, it's just a fact. i didn't know what i was doing. nothing more, nothing less.

    if you're referring to an apology to the elite coordinator, i sent one yesterday.

    again martin, thank you for your comment and i do hope you respond.

  8. just one more question martin, which name are you under on letsrun? i'm just curious to see what your comments were.

  9. I am just trying to help you understand because you asked. Good luck to you.

  10. Heather,
    To clarify I'm not the same Craig as above. As a long time letsrun user I feel terrible for  happened to you over here, I'll admit it was an entertaining thread to follow but when put into perspective the punishment didn't fit the crime.  Not even close.  I guess you learned a lesson, though I'm not sure you needed to be taught anything. My opinion is that what you wrote was meant for a small group of your friends that understand what you were trying to get across then LRC got a hold of it and all hell broke loose.  I guess the lesson is that the internet is a VERY public forum.  Anyways what I really wanted you to know is that I'm rooting for you now and hope that you can prove your new audience wrong by reaching your goal of making the OT's.  Whether you like it or not you have a target on your back every time you toe the line.  You'll have plenty of LRC posters not wanting to lose to "The girl that wanted $2k to run a marathon".  Let this fuel your training and propel you to some new PR's.  Best of luck to you. 

  11. Heather, what Craig said. You have some great races ahead of you, don't let LetsRun get to you.

    The internet is a fickle mistress my dear, but hooray for you for taking the chance and putting it out there. You just have to realize that one of the chances you take is being an overnight "celebrity".

    Good luck to you, happy training!


  12. I totally get it...about blogs being taken the wrong way. I don't keep a blog anymore. when I did, I got fanatical at times about editing it. things I would write often sounded one way in my head and came out differently on the screen. Sarcasm is tricky in writing.

    On another note, I will say that humility is a valuable quality and a sign of maturity. The person I respect most as a runner is a former high school teammate of mine - sub 34 in the 10k and an ACC champion in that event - but you will never hear her mention this. Instead she will ask you how your running is going or talk about good trails to run on.

    I used to frequent letsrun and would occasionally find something of value on the boards. Too often, though, it was just a lot of immature guys trying to put other people down...probably because they never achieved what they had hoped as runners. Insecurity, I think. Why else would they feel a need to bash others who are trying to succeed?

    Best of luck with your running. I'm sure you have an OT qualifying time in you.