Saturday, March 19, 2011


I seem to have hit some sort of wall. And not just with running - with everything. I feel like I've had loads to do lately but absolutely zero motivation to do it. In fact, right this second, I have a load of laundry that I washed last night that has yet to make it to the dryer, much less get folded and put away. And there's a fork sitting on my desk that I really can't be bothered to take to the kitchen.

I can't stand feeling like this. I like to be productive and not sit around and waste my day. I keep thinking "Okay, tomorrow, I'll get a, b, and c done and run this much" but then tomorrow comes and I have no desire, or energy for that matter, to do much more than nap and eat. Again, I hate feeling like this and very literally wasting tons of time. But I do recognize that every once in a while, the body and brain just need a break. So I took some time to let some laundry pile up, oversleep, and completely slack on my training.

It's been about two weeks and I'm feeling a little more energetic. I'm having the urge to get a ton of stuff done and go out and crush a long run. Hopefully tomorrow 20 miles won't seem as horrific as it did last Tuesday! And hopefully this coming week I'll be ready to get back into speed work and general bad-assed-ness.

AND. I need a vacation. I haven't had a for real vacation in I don't even know how long! There are places all over the world that I'm dying to visit but when on Earth would I have the time? Well the fact is that if I planned better I totally could have the time. This summer (or perhaps earlier) I am definitely going to take some time off and explore another part of the world. Or maybe just another part of the country - there are so many cool places like the Sand Dunes, Tetons, Moab, Big Sur, Kauai, Alaska, etc. that I've never seen and are relatively close (well, compared to Spain at least). I can't wait!


  1. Girl, you deserve to take a break and to slack little here in there, it's okay to be lazy and to let ourselves take naps and long as we know the limits..... we all need a break once in a while from our every day routine, our body and mind needs to relax in order for our soul to be at peace.
    You are my Hero, I look up to you, you are very sweet and down the earth I still remember the day met you when we were volunteering at the Cherry Creek race 2 years ago and how we were talking about the Colfax race, without knowing I was talking to the female winner and how you never told me .....I admired you!!
    ~Keep up the good work you are a great runner ~
    I am traveling to Spain, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden tomorrow and I will be thinking about you and I pray to GOD that you will find the time to enjoy and experience other countries like I have :-)

  2. :) thank you so much! you are so sweet and i hope i get to see you again soon! enjoy your travels!