Thursday, April 21, 2011

GET SOME! and Tupac

YES! Another killer run today! 12.5 miles total broken down as follows:

--4 mile warmup at a nice 7:10 pace, feeling really relaxed and strong

--picked it up to 6:35 (the slower end of my goal pace adjusted for altitude) average for 3 miles, slowed a bit on inclines and dipped down to 6:25s on some flatter part and downhills.

--1 mile recovery at 7:30 (Yeah, I know, that part's boring, but to make it more interesting I DID see a pie smashed on the I-25-Steele overpass. Same pie that's been there for 3 weeks? Yep. Gross.)

--and here's where the real fun begins!! 3 miles at around 6:15... the first bit was closer to 6:20, but I felt like throwing down on all of St. Paul south of Iliff and the stretch through McWilliams Park so I pushed it to 5:57 until I got to Yale and University and then backed off to 6:10ish. YEAH!!!

--ended that little jaunt with a 1.5 mile cooldown at 7:30ish :)

Boom. So ready to rock this marathon.

And! Randomly, I found this absolutely wondeful pic of Tupac while doing a little research for a project...

I need a t shirt with this. Immediately.

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