Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm not entirely sure what the f kind of hell mouth opened up around me but I'm totally done with all of the bad luck and negative nonsense that's been happening lately. Here's a brief run-down:

1. Over the past few months I've had some crap going on with my car and some serious issues with the people who were supposed to be fixing it - it seemed like they were making everything worse since within an hour of me picking it up each time it got stuck in reverse or wouldn't get into gear or straight up wouldn't turn on

2. To get to the race I had a buddy pass from a friend who works for Southwest Airlines and I was stoked for a free plane ride... but on thursday when I got to the airport every flight was completely overbooked and there were tons of people waiting from cancelled flights from the previous night. I waited for a few hours to see if anything would work out but was eventually told there was no way I'd be getting on a plane that day. So I went home and bought a rather pricey ticket to leave the next day.

3. I finally got to Cleveland and my grandpa picked me up and took me to my hotel. And what a shock that was... I got it from Priceline and the hotel that was pictured was totally not the same hotel. It was in a terrible neighborhood, had windows missing, smelled funky, and had paper thin walls so that I could hear everyone's conversations. I called Priceline and they were zero help, as was the front desk at the hotel. Sleeping there that one night was awful and for the third night in a row I got less than 5 hours of sleep.

4. Then my grandpa took me to the expo to get my packet, neither of us realizing that it was kind of far away and I could tell he was getting tired and a little frustrated. Though I guess now that one's neither here nor there.

5. I ended up switching hotels but the only thing open wasn't in Cleveland... It was in Independence. A little far from  the startline of the race and that was kind of stressing me out. But I slept pretty well that night and was totally glad for it.

6. Race day. I felt so ready. It was humid and drizzly but everything felt perfect and for the first 15 miles it pretty much was. We started a bit fast so I decided to hang  back a bit and if I felt okay I'd pick it up  later on in the race. Then somewhere after mile 15 I had some pain kind of in my butt at the top of my pelvis near my spine. And then a few blocks later there was a sharp hot pain and I couldn't take another step. A lady from an aid station down the block came to help me and call the medics and she waited with me for what seemed like an hour. When the came she told them she thought I had a broken hip... That scared the crap out of me.

7. They took me to the hospital where I realized  I wasn't going to be able to get a hold of my mom. She was waiting at the finish with my grandpa. Of course she has a cell phone but I don't know the number by heart - it's in my phone which my mom was holding in her purse. The medics said they'd try to contact the people at the race so they could make an announcement or something and try to find her but after waiting for hours in the hospital with no contact from the doctors or nurses and no word as to whether or not they found my mom, I started to panic.

8. Finally my mom and grandpa came and about an hour later I was released (with a grade 2 gluteal tear, luckily no break or fracture) and finally on my way back to the hotel. My mom was scheduled to fly out that evening, but - just because we all needed a little something else to wrong - her flight was cancelled and then her second one was delayed twice and she would miss her connecting flight.

9. After hours on planes (super uncomfortable with a torn ass muscle) we all made it back home. Whew. I needed everything to just calm down for a bit but things weren't quite right... And just to make sure I got my fill of adversity, I opened my big mouth, said something stupid, and ended a relationship that meant the world to me.

Okay done with the whining :) So. That's that. As far as the dnf goes... Wow. I have never dropped out of a race before and I'm terribly embarrassed that I did. I know it's not exactly something that can be helped but that doesn't mean I don't completely wish it hadn't happened. I know I talked a big game and I can imagine that a few are laughing at this fiasco and that's fine... I can't do much about it now. I did receive a lot of support and well wishes for this race and I'm truly grateful for my awesome friends and teammates - thank you all so much! I need a little time to recover and lay low and get my head back on straight. But soon enough I'll be back to running and still in pursuit of a solid sub 2:46. I don't know which marathon I'll go for in the fall but there's quite a bit of time to think about it.

As far as other stuff, well... yeah. I know stuff/life happens and not always the way you want it to. In this case, all completely the opposite of what I wanted. But I'm ready for some good changes and I've decided that I'm absolutely not accepting anything else negative. At all. So there!!

I know this is long and blah so if you read it all, thank you and hopefully the next one will be significantly happier. Ha!

Oh oh oh! And!! Congratulations to my Roost teammate Nicole Chyr who took the win at the Colfax Marathon! I'm so happy for you!

And my very best wishes to Amy - I'm so glad everything is okay. What a weekend, right?? Yikes. But, on we go. Nothing but good stuff from now on!


  1. I hope the butt muscle heals fast! I'm praying for you!

    Hope everything gets better for you!


  2. Heather-
    Get better soon! Although it mat be cliche, but everything happens for a reason & Change is always good.

  3. "And just to make sure I got my fill of adversity, I opened my big mouth, said something stupid, and ended a relationship that meant the world to me."

    Hopefully this experience will be a small step toward maturity for you. You have so much promise in this world.

  4. Good job Heather! I know how hard dropping out of a race can be and it sucks even more when you have to lay off because of an injury! BUT, I am pretty sure that you will come back even stronger!!! Enjoy your break so you will be ready to go when you are all healed up! Anyway, I am proud of you!

  5. matthew...? i kind don't think you know what happened with that so...

    thanks kara! i know you went through the same thing. ugh! i know i'm looking forward to the fall for sure. do you have another marathon picked out? i really want to do denver again but the course is a little rough for a 2:46.

  6. Hey chica hope the butt muscle heals sooner than later for ya and and far as talking a big game goes I have only been following your running for a brief time but I know one thing ... YOU DO HAVE GAME MISSY!!! Don't second guess your DNF. You were smart for not pushing it and risking further injury. This will only make you stronger I know it fo' sho' :) That strong 2:46 marathon is coming and it coming soon as in this fall. Hang in there rock star!! :)

  7. I was so sad to hear about your race. I hope your butt heals soon and you get back out there. Sorry your time in Cleveland was rather crappy but at least you got to see your family!

  8. Keep those positive vibes goin' Heather! :)

    1st you gotta get all the bad crap out of the way... then all the really good stuff happens at once! At least that's how I see, it after my bout of crap back in August...

    Getting hit by a car training for my 1st Ironman, not being able to do my Ironman, not being refunded the $500 entry fee, getting fired from my job because I had to use crutches on the sales floor, trashing my bike, breaking my leg, having a torn MCL, and not being able to Swim/Bike/Run for nearly 3 months really brought me down...

    After all of that - I'm bouncing back stronger, more positive than I've ever been in my life! It strengthened my relationships; it strengthened my fitness, my work ethic, and my overall perception of life! The shear fact that I am able to move my body, I am SO thankful for! I don't take anything for granted anymore... and I have a feeling when you're well again, and kickin’ butt as usual, you'll feel the same too Heather! :)

    You may hear it all the time – “Everything happens for a reason”, and it may be hard to see it now... but eventually everything unfolds and it's that much sweeter because you battled on!

    This is what we do as endurance athletes… we persevere through the hard crap and always move forward… Forward to win! Which you will Heather. I’m sure of it! :)

  9. I don't buy into the everything happens for a reason...I buy more into..."that's the marathon for you" worries...regroup, replain, reload, get back at it.

    Little piece of advice...write all the phone numberers you may need on the back of your never know when you may need them.

  10. I'm sorry about your injury and DNF. I am not disapponted in you but for you. I know how hard you worked. I know you will be back and faster than ever.

  11. Heather,

    You were on fire and on target time, then you broke. It happens.

    It's just life. Life is luck. If things go your way it is good luck, if not it is bad luck. No predetermination or fate here, just what happens to you at a given time (Sometimes it is a whole load of crap at once:)

    I believe Hemingway coined a phrase that describes the preferred method of response to bad times: Grace under Pressure. I think you have this part covered.

    We only hold so much of our fate in our own hands. So many variables and forces that interact with us are beyond our control or knowledge.

    Heal and get fast again, the trials are far enough in the future, you can be there.

    Good Luck!