Friday, September 2, 2011

Okay, Fine...

This morning I got a text message from fastest guy ever and new state half marathon record holder Mario Macias. He told me I was slacking on my blog. And he was correct.

I haven't really been in the mood lately, especially since this seems to bring about so much drama. People. Calm down.

But It's not because things haven't been going on. Oh no. Things have definitely been going on. Perhaps the coolest of those things was finally winning my favorite race - the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon. Holy mackeral. That one I can't put into words - it really meant a lot to me and I didn't know if I'd be able to pull it off. And to be honest I just got lucky this time. Of course this wasn't without a hitch though... somehow a girl on a bike had a timing chip and rode through the finish line about a minute before me and she was originally announced as the winner. But they got it all straightened out (seriously, most awesome people ever work at that race) and I got my ginormous gold pan trophy. OH YES!

The next weekend I tried to race another half marathon and completely fell apart in the last 4 miles. It was not a pretty race. I finished in 1:25 and some change. Ooof. Although I guess I can't be too terribly upset if on my worst day on a brutal course I can go 1:25... Right? But I quickly erased most of that from my memory with a nice hike to one of my favorite lakes and a bottle of wine. And some Russian photographers. Don't ask.

I also hiked up Mt. Evans. I've run up the road before, but took the trails this time. Um, it gets a little technical up there... But it's such a gorgeous summit!

Oh. Also. I got myself a coach. Or coaching posse, I should say. Hello, Hudson Training Systems. Yeah. I've never done anything like this before... At all. And it's kicking my ass! But I think it's gonna be worth it. I mean, it's a pretty legit group of pros... And everyone is super nice. Not gonna lie - it's hard. I'm f'ing tired. I had to cry a little bit before my run on Thursday because I just couldn't wrap my mind around running 14 miles at that point. And this morning I had a hard workout to get through. But I did it. And I will be stronger and faster for it. It really amazes me that people (myself included) can do workouts that are really hard and exhausting and painful and not just stop and be like "um, no, this is stupid and I'm not doing it anymore". Runners are just that rad.

So I have a race in a few days here... The Park to Park 10 miler. I really want to be in the top three this year. I mean, I was stoked to come in 7th last year. Originally I wanted to go under 60 but I just don't see that happening so I'm gonna try to get under 61, but anything under 63 (which would be a pr) would suffice. My main goal for the day is seriously going to be the speed at which I down mimosas at brunch after.


  1. Awesome choice on the coach! Brad, Tyler, and James rock! Good luck on Monday! Run your race and kick some butt!

  2. Who do you have your arm wrapped around? Mom? (She doesn't look old enough for that, but looks like a mother/daughter kind of pose) : )