Tuesday, February 1, 2011


hey. so... it's pretty cold.

i think it got up to a whopping 1 degree today. yikes! so, pretty understandably i hope, i ran inside. we have a nice indoor track which is about a billion times better than a treadmill, but i was still dreading a longer run. i mean, i was really bracing myself for torturous boredom. i decided to do 12 miles, which, on a 6.5 laps to a mile track, works out to 78 laps. omg. SEVENTY-EIGHT LAPS. yeah, no bueno. but wouldn't ya know, it was kind of awesome! i planned on doing the last six at a pretty decent clip (though, my garmin, even on the days it's not having a hissy fit, doesn't work inside so i thought i'd just check the clock when i started, check again when i stopped, and average it). the first 6 flew by super easily and the last 6 felt even better. i could feel that i was working harder but still felt really strong and when all was averaged out, the last 6 were at about 6:30. ah it felt so good! so much easier than i was anticipating so that's pretty motivating! THIS got me stoked to get more into training!rawr!!!

THEN i got to do another interview - my third this year! it's so exciting for me because i'm not anywhere near some of the girls i compete against here but for whatever reason people seem to want to talk to me lately. i'm just that awesome (T-BONER ET AL - NOTE THE SARCASM! comprehension skills are hard to come by i guess). it's been a pretty cool experience thus far especially because running can be such a low key sport and even some of the best don't get much press. so any shout out is pretty flattering. that's why i really dig things like runcolo.com, colorado runner magazine, and the running examiner who consistantly mention local runners and talk about all their cool accomplishments.

next thought. i am LOVING lupe fiasco lately. he's for sure my favorite right now. i absolutely do not listen to music when i'm running but i generally have a playlist that listen to throughout the day to get psyched up for training and racing. for this training cycle, my favorite song is 'the show goes on' : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmp6zIr5y4U
i also love 'i gotcha'
and 'i'm beaming'
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge4BEdyZ8bM (he is straight up using a light brite in this one!!)
and 'kick push'
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl83mI69nX4 (the beat on this one is so infectious!)

so i want to make out with him. hey lupe, come to denver!

this is only remotely related to running but i thought it was pretty funny. i have the swype feature on my phone which is very handy, but doesn't always come up with the word you intended (i think iphone users can sympathize as kyle has mentioned his phone putting in 'foreskin' instead of 'flatirons'... 'you wanna go run foreskin??'). so in a text conversation i meant to say 'run' but that didn't quite happen and this conversation resulted:

h: ugh dirty my phone did but ok home now i havr to rub at 8 tomorrow
k: did you make the run?? i literally just woke up and i never sleep late! please tell me you read that message you sent from 3:48
h: omg no i just got up too. shit i feel bad for flaking out 'cause i told a bunch of people i'd be there... ah yeah unfortunately there was no rubbing at 8 today
k: hahahaha but sometimes some early morning rubbing is good!
h: oh it always is but it's pretty essential that you're awake in order to get in a quality rub
k: quality is definitely important when it comes to rubbing
h: right. and if you rub with a partner you wanna make sure you're not letting them down because you're tired
k: hahahaha omg yes

so we have a big group rub at rub club tomorrow night! join us! no seriously it's fun. ha! maybe that's why there's free beer and wine...


  1. Literally crying from laughing...

    I really look forward to a long rub with you one of these weekends.

  2. brooks! yes i'm always down for a good long rub! hello bodyglide!