Friday, February 4, 2011

so there was this unicycle...

not even joking. the last time i saw a unicycle, i swear, it was being ridden up ruxton avenue - the super steep street that leads to the barr trail. what the guy was doing on it at the base of pike's peak is completely beyond me. yesterday i was out on my run and was going past all souls catholic school (hi bridget!!) and i saw this mass of people getting out of a truck carrying unicycles (very clown car-esque). i hopped up on the sidewalk to avoid them and as i did so one of them backed up with the unicycle across his shoulder and almost smacked me in the face. nothing actually happened so no big deal, but what the hell was going on there??

it made me think of some other oddball incidents that happened while i've been on a run (aside from the daily near-misses with distracted - or imcompetent - drivers):

-i got hailed on. i know it's not that weird but omg it hurt!
-i had a water balloon thrown at me by some kid in the back seat of a car
-i had those little white things that pop when you throw 'em on the ground thrown at my feet (i screamed)
-i tripped on a dog leash and broke my wrist
-i was slammed into (from behind) by a cyclist who then yelled at me for ruining his bike
-i was running up an icy hill, slipped, fell head first into a brick wall, and ended up with a giant welt on my forehead
-the very first time i ran, my friend kristine and i had to stop after a mile to go to old chicago and get food 'cause i was too hungry to keep going (i kinda sucked back then)
-i tripped and fell for absolutely no reason on an indoor track
-at csu a volleyball flew onto my treadmill and i stepped on it and, obviously, fell
-i've never been chased by a dog but i've been chased by a cat and several geese

good times! i think the incident with the white popping things takes the cake, but only because i responded by screaming and then yelling something to the effect of "I'M GONNA START CARRYING A ROCK WITH ME AND IF I SEE YOU AGAIN I WILL THROW IT AT YOU!" which i'm sure was the lamest thing i could come up with.

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