Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Big CO

This has absolutely nothing to do with running. At all.

In a earlier post I mentioned REALLY wanting a vacation... While Hawaii or Costa Rica are ideal, there are so many places in Colorado that I haven't checked out yet (I mean, come one, I've only been here 21 years). And some of it's SOOOOO close! I love this state!

So here's a list of places in colorful Colorado that I wanna see/do:

1. Mt. Bierstadt via Mt. Evans sawtooth. Or, Mt. Bierstadt via St. Mary's Glacier and James Peak.

2. The Great Sand Dunes. I literally can not believe I haven't been there yet.

3. Garden of the Gods. Seeing that this is only and hour away from me, I literally can not believe I haven't been there either.

4. Ouray. So, I've actually been to Ouray several times but it was when I was little and couldn't fully appreciate it (though I do very vividly remember the terrifying drive over Red Mountain Pass from Durango). Beside a cool mountain town with hot springs and sulphur caves, Ouray also has some incredible waterfalls like Box Canyon Falls (I think they have an ice climbing fesitval there in the winter) and Cascade Falls.

5. Telluride. I've also been here, but, again, when I was little. But it's awesome and I want to go back.

6. Royal Gorge. No, not to go on that crazy bridge. Just to look and then slowly back away, because I would be so pissed if I fell.

7. Wolf Reservation near Pueblo. I heard about this from a coworker who goes to visit family in Pueblo frequently. How cool would it be to see hundreds of wolves? I've heard you even get to feed them!

8. Cave of the Winds. It just sounds cool. And our summer camp through work visits there each summer, so a bunch of 8 year olds get to go cooler places than I do.

9. Colorado National Monument. I kind of think if you live in a state, you should visit its national monument. It just seems like the right thing to do.

10. Hanging Lake. It looks gorgeous!

11. Imogene Pass. There's a race there that I've had my eye on for a few years. From what I've heard, it's ridiulously hard, even moreso than the Pike's Peak Ascent (which I consider the mostly physically and mentally demanding thing I've ever put myself through), but traversing a peak from Ouray to Telluride promises some pretty amazing views! I can guarantee this one's a long way off for me, but someday I'll suck it up and go for it.

Also on my to do list for this summer? The Denver Oyster. It's like the Amazing Race, but confined to the Denver Metro Area, with some serious cash money waiting for the winning team.


  1. You know, they have a race in Garden of the Gods...

  2. i do know that :) but i feel like it's always the same day as another big race isn't it?