Monday, March 28, 2011

Race Report: RMRR 20 Miler, and Then Some

So here's how this came about: I got a Facebook message from my friend Tristan on Saturday afternoon saying "Hey there's a 20 mile race tomorrow if you're interested." Of course I'm interested! I had to get in 20 anyway! However, since I pretty much had 16 hours to prepare for it, I was NOT actually prepared. More than anything I should've eaten better and checked the weather (it was not a singlet and tiny shorts kind of morning... it was maybe 35 degrees).

And that was kind of okay! The race was really small and low key which was great because there was really no pressure or expectation (which I do feel at other races - not necessarily from other people, but I think other people expect me to place well and so I end up putting pressure on myself... which can be good but it can also make races not fun sometimes). Admittedly though, I didn't really push myself to do that well. I guess I was looking at it as more of a hard training run? And it's a good thing because I was NOT feeling so hot after mile 8. My stomach wasn't exactly agreeing with me and I thought for sure I'd somehow contracted giardia.

My Garmin died at the start so I really couldn't say what my pace was like at any particular part of the race, but I finished in 2:16 which is... okay? I don't know - I've never raced 20 miles before! It felt like an easy pace so I think I should've gone faster but whatever :) I ended up with a 12 minute win and a good 20 mile run. The people at RMRR are SO nice! It was such a pleasant morning (aside from thinking I had giardia).

THEN! We took a little road trip (in style!) to Colorado Springs to check out the Cave of the Winds! Yay! Very awesome. I'm so excited that almost immediately after posting that, I got to check off one of my Colorado to do's.

AND THEN! We talked about organizing a race for Seven Ribbons ( if you don't know what I'm talking about). Awesome idea, right? I'm beyond excited about this and we have some cool ideas so stay tuned for the epicness that is sure to arise from this one!!

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