Friday, June 24, 2011

This Sunday

I know I've said this before, but here's the thing about Colorado: on any given Sunday, you could line up at the start of a race next to a bunch of pros. It's a bit intimidating, but also fun to see if you can hang with them.

I'm doing my first race since my little injury this Sunday. It's a 5k. I know, just a dinky little local 5k, right? Yeah just a friendly little jaunt with some of the fastest people in the state. This one is pretty competitive. Like "oh, hey that guy went to the Olympics" kind of thing. Um, awesome?? And frightening? Besides the fact that my fitness level is pretty much mediocre right now, I'm TERRIBLE at shorter distances. My times are so incredibly skewed, it's just flat out embarrassing. So I'm not entirely sure why I thought I wanted to use this as my first race back. I mean, I really like winning and I'm fairly certain that won't be happening. I'm prepared for a little blow to the ego but maybe I'll suprise myself.

I don't really have a goal time since I don't really know what I'm capable of right now. But that doesn't mean I'm not looking for a pr and a top 3 place. I'm ALWAYS looking for that. I'm sure it's at least a bit unwise to try to push for a pr right after an injury, but it's just not in me to do a  race for fun or just to see where I'm at fitness wise (which was actually my original excuse for doing the race). Ha. Yeah I really hope I don't re-injure myself...

Anyway. It'll be good to be back on the race course. I've been so jealous seeing so many of my friends run amazing races with even more amazing victories (sidenote: if you don't know who Kim Dobson and Mario Macias are, you should find out. They are maravillosos!) and I want soooooooooooooo badly to join them!

So, this Sunday, I am officially back in the game :) We'll see how it goes!

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