Monday, July 18, 2011

The Mile

Complete 180 from yesterday's race. That did not feel pleasant. At all. I knew it would hurt but not that much. Holy shit.

I don't suppose it helped that I raced yesterday. And I think it's probably harder to do a longer race first then a shorter race second than it would be the other way around. But I really have no clue. All I know is that I can't remember ever feeling that terrible during or after a race. I mean, it's actually pretty funny!

I kept saying that I thought I was dying, which was, pretty clearly, an exaggeration. But. I most definitely have a cold now. My throat is killing me (which is typical), but my nose is stuffy and I'm freezing and achy. Yay instant flu! What the hell?

That was seriously quite the experience! I don't even know what to think. 5:08 for my first ever mile attempt? Is that good? Is that slow? It's so far on the other side of the spectrum from what I normally do! But at least now when someone asks what my mile time is, I can say something less lame than "I've never raced a mile". My teammate Matt Kempton apparently dove for third place (the men's field looked FAST) and got a very pretty scrape on his shoulder! Unfortunately due to rules that are different from normal track rules (oh no no no this wasn't on a track...!) he got 4th.

And now it's time for theraflu and bed. Up early to run and then summit my 6th 14er, Mt. Bierstadt! My legs will definitely be shot on Wednesday!


  1. 5:08 is actually pretty fast chica especially for a distance runner. I have some work to do to catch you. My current PR in the mile is like 5:45ish. However that was over a year ago. I'm sure I'm faster in the mile now but a time trail just hasn't fit into my schedule. The mile sure does know how to wreck the throat and lungs doesn't it? Anyway, nice work missy!! :)

  2. Great effort for the mile! 5:08 is pretty fast especially considering the altitude and your race for the win the day before. Thank you for your diligent blogging. I enjoy reading your posts.