Sunday, July 17, 2011

Race Report: Donor Dash 5k

Well that certainly felt good!

The Donor Dash was at Washington Park but had a different course than the general Wash Park 5k loop we've all run 18,000,000,000 times. In a few ways this course is a but harder - it has two weird kinda hard turns that feel a bit rough on tired legs. But! It also gets rid of a hill or two and cuts out the last really sharp turn right before the finish.

I got in a good warm up and felt really relaxed at the start, and I think that's why I was able to keep it together and not try to sprint the first mile. I felt strong and relaxed pretty much the whole race and was able to keep a solid pace without fading at the end (which is the usual case with 5k's). I thought throughout the race that the second place female was on my tail and I was sure she was going to outkick me at the finish so I pushed hard. Turns out she was over a minute behind me (probably a good thing I never turned around to see - I think if I would've realized how far behind me she was I would've slacked off a little). I had a strong finish, a nice little pr, and a women's even record. Not too shabby!

Next up, the Metro Mile. Yeah, that's tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be ready to rock my first mile race! It's a little odd to me to race such a short distance and generally the shorter the distance the worse I run... So... Ha! It'll be an experience nonetheless and I'm definitely looking forward to it!

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  1. Awesome race. Good thing you didn't look back :) best to you in the mile tonight. Hopefully you will be hooked and we will also see you at the Pearl Street Mile in Aug.