Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Per Holly's Request...

...My favorite things list! This  is about as random as it gets, my friends! Where to begin?

Favorite cereal: Barbara's Peanut Butter Puffins

Favorite nail polish: Essie Geranium

Favorite animal: fox

Favorite car: Saab

Favorite new hobby: photography

Favorite perfume: Tokyo Milk

Favorite stores: Anthropologie, Target, Runner's Roost, REI, Northface

Favorite drink: bloody mary

Favorite restaurants: Root Down, John Holly's, Ninth Door

Favorite pet: Mars

Favorite color of all time: green

Favorite movies: Apocolypse Now, Napolean Dynamite, Alice in Wonderland, The Red Violin etc etc etc

Favorite books: The Illuminated Rumi, A Clockwork Orange, Peace Like A River, Blood Meridian, All The Pretty Horses, The Little Prince

Favorite author: Cormac McCarthy

Favorite physical activity other than running: hiking

Favorite thing on the Twitter: Themeleon

Favorite place for vacationing: Playa Del Carmen

Favorite reggea song: Lee Scratch Perry vs Bob Marley - Put It On

Favorite non-physical activity: cooking

Favorite phone apps: Photoshop, fxcamera, Facebook , Twitter, and Epicurious

Favorite race ever: Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon

Favorite watch brand: Rado

Favorite thing to do on Sunday: long run at the res, brunch, and hike

Favorite brand of outdoor gear: Patagonia

Favorite junk foods: carmel corn, Jelly Bellies, pizza, and cheesecake

Favorite artist: Bosch

Favorite road: Mt. Evans Road

Favorite game: Scrabble

Favorite rapper: Mos Def

Favorite shoes BESIDES Kinvaras: Kenneth Cole suede ballet flats

Favorite thing to write with: Sharpies!

Favorite time of year: Fall and Spring

Favorite place to run in D-Town: Highline Canal Trail

Favorite topic to study up on: nutrition

Favorite sport to watch: basketball

Favorite flower: tulips

Favorite field trip in school: St. Mary's Glacier

Favorite opera: The Magic Flute

Favorite Cartoon: Thundercats and Jem

Favorite children's book: Princess Penelope's 365 Dresses

Favorite place for a bike ride: Cahoon Park, Bay Village, Ohio (don't even say anything - there's a hill with wild strawberries!!)

Favorite music to cook to: Gypsy Kings

Favorite website: Etsy

Favorite possession: grandma's diamond ring

This is getting longish... :)

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  1. Thundercats & basketball oh yeah!!! I knew you were AWESOME for a reason. The thundercats rock! Who is your favorite thundercat??